Sunday, August 05, 2007

Vroom vroom

A car, a car, my kingdom for a car...

I love driving. I love driving fast. I do excercise a large amount of self-control, I hate being pulled over by the fuzz. I hate paying through the nose for having a little fun too. But for the last 8 months I have been stationary and feeling extremely frustrated and cooped up and dependent on others and I hate it. But I have been released from my vehicularily challenged existence and am mobile again! I'm not sure I can describe the feeling I had last week when I picked up my now running car and drove it home. Giddy, grinning like a fool I put my little car through its paces on the way home. Bliss.

This car is by far the nicest car i've owned, and i've had several. My first car was a nasty old Buick that consisted of more rust and primer than actual metal that my parents gave to me a year after I got my licence, which I finally got at the age of 21. It's days ended when a jerk from Ottowa on icy roads decided to signal left then suddenly turn right. I was so proud of my beater, it took out a Chevy Tahoe with very little damage to my car...the Tahoe littered the ground with pieces of bumper. This was the start of my 4 month curse of cars. 4 car accidents in 4 months, all totalled off. Brilliant. Only 3 of the cars were was my boyfiend's. It was also the start of the curse of 1987. After my 1985 Buick bit the dust all the cars I owned and wrecked were 1987 models. Until my Baby that I drive now. 1987 Mazda 323, 1987 Mercuery Tracer(Rick's car), 1987 Ford Taurus...that's list of ones I wrecked. Then I had a , you guessed it, 1987 Chevy Sprint and a 1987 Nissan 200SX. I broke the curse last year when I bought my 1994 Ford Escort GT. My baby, in all her teal glory. Sigh. She still has a few bugs but is so fun to drive it's worth the work it needs. Like I said, I love to drive. Thus my career as a courier. But even so I still like to just drive around aimlessly (gas prices unfortunaltely do not facilitate that very often) enjoying the freedom that is locomotion.

I feel better than I have in months. Just knowing that if I wanted to go somewhere I can. Freedom. Independence. Ahhhh.

Starbucks is calling, and me and my Ford are ready to answer.